Maple Spalted Bookmatched BM5 Epoxy Lumber for Woodworkers - $100 (Oregon)

I have a perfectly spalted bookmatched set of live edge maple lumber boards.

Patience is a virtue, and spalted maple takes time. Like a fine wine or cheese, sometimes you just have to wait. These logs have been sitting for 3 years, waiting for Mother Nature to do her thing. Finally, the time has arrived………

Spalting provides a unique discoloration of the wood, no two pieces are ever the same. The mainly black lines are caused by wood fungi and are part of the decay process. The trick with spalting is to wait long enough to get the desired effect, but not so long as to let the fungi decay the wood to the point of falling apart. When the wood has been rescued from the spalting at the right time, the lumber is usable, with little to no soft spots or rotten wood. Spalted lumber is typically used for its visual appeal, not for structural purposes.

For specialty craft and artisanal woodworking, spalting has aesthetic appeal and increases the uniqueness of the wood for artistic expression.

This is a book matched set of spalted maple boards. Book matched boards are consecutive slices out of the log and are then opened up like a book. With spalted lumber a bookmatched set creates a very unique visual piece. The spalting lines creating a unique set of boards which present a mirror image of each other.

This set of bookmatched spalted maple is cut at about 5/4x18x53. Price is $100 for the set.

This is rough sawn lumber. Depending on the look you want it may need to be planed, flattened, turned, sawn, sanded, stained, joined, and/or finished.

I also have cut White and red oak, black locust, butternut, cherry, hard maple, white and red cedar, ash, white pine, red pine, American chestnut, poplar, walnut, hickory, basswood, birch, catalpa, black locust, honey locust, and various species of bowl blanks for wood turners. I have uncut logs that can be cut to your specs at no additional charge.

Partnering with woodworkers to turn your ideas into reality since 2018.

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