HVAC Heating & Cooling $1000 Installed High Efficiency Furnace or A/C (South Eastern and Central Wisconsin)

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We are pioneering a new approach to providing high-quality, affordable heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning for your residence, rental units and business.

The business model is straightforward; anyone can buy a high efficiency 95% or greater furnace or a/c system from Amazon to HVAC direct; if that is what you would like to do, we will install, with a permit whenever required and HVAC licensed professional with our company (not subcontracted) that exact furnace that you purchased for a fixed amount of $1,000. Your cost savings on average in the thousand plus range.

SAME goes for a a/c system. You purchase, we install for $1,000.

IF you don't want to purchase the furnace or a/c system then you can add on from us a York single stage 95% high efficiency furnace, ANY SIZE from 40,000 btu to 80,000 btu for only another $1,000, with a 10 year parts, 1 year labor factory warranty.

Equally amazing if you want to move up to a 96% efficient two stage York furnace, which is eligible for a Wisconsin Focus on Energy rebate of $150 through the end of this year, depending on the btu only adds between $300 and $600. That's right, a 60,000 btu York 2 stage 96% efficient furnace, fully installed for under $2,300.

For 80% efficient furnace if that is what you seek or are restricted to due to venting or other reason, again check our website out, DEDUCT $300 from the listed price, which for example a 60,000 btu York 80% efficient furnace, fully installed is only $1,700.

SAME for an a/c system, York 13 seer R410 any size from 1 1/2 ton to 2 and 1/2 ton, with cased coil, with a 10 year parts, 1 year labor factory warranty, once again for only another $1,000, for the condensing unit and between $500 and $600 for the coil.

If your equipment is larger in BTU or tonnage, then as you will see on our business model, you only pay the cost difference of what we pay. If you would like a higher efficiency or higher seer, the same holds true, you only pay the additional amount that we pay.

The most complete explanation is by visiting our website; We also have a complete section on ductwork and forced air system installation.

We are an authorized York premium dealer servicing all of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. We are family owned business that goes back over 70 years.

The key to our success is our partnership in the collection of information and specifics regarding your home, your needs and your equipment, allowing your family to save thousands of dollars, thousands of dollars in this partnership. As stated on our website WE DO NOT MARK UP THE FURANCE OR AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM, ZERO MARKUP.


We are Wisconsin based with fixed locations in Dane, Jefferson, Waukesha, and now Outagamie County; we are licensed through the State of Wisconsin and can pull permits in any municipality, city, town or village in Wisconsin.

Our business model is straight as an arrow, we create value for you; you add on some more with your own research and effort and getting us the right information, photo's and measurements and together we save thousands of dollars for you and your family.

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